Design Engineering

EThe latest technology is at the forefront of engineering design, here you will find articles covering a range of topics such as design software and rapid prototyping.

From static to dynamic equipment, we will deliver an engineered solution to your problem or project needs. We can assist you in all phases of the engineering process thanks to our diverse team of Mechanical Engineering Experts.

Our engineering services include:

Preliminary / conceptual engineering designs

3 Dimensional Laser Scanning

As-built engineering analysis and ratings

Analysis of existing mechanical structures

Repair solutions for piping leakage and leak repair

Industrial services technical support

Pressure vessel design and analysis

Pressure fitting design and analysis

Hot tap fitting design and engineering

Hydro test header design and engineering

Piping design and engineering

Under-hook lifting devices and solutions

Structural designs and industrial catwalks designed to CSA standards

Finite element Analysis – FEA

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